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Glamour Aussies


Family members!

Silver Dream Aussie's Top Secret
She is a flattering, absolute couch dog, who wants to be always in the centre of the party. She is really smart and easy to learn, so started the Dog Dancing competitions as well.
As having strong working insticts, she loves going herding, while in the meantime being also really calm. She is the best friend of our daughter and children as well, whom she plays really wise and gently.
Her smiling and gorgeous head makes Merdith being our
- MIKA -
Let's Catch Again of Crystal Lake
She is our typicall Aussie girl: cute and cuddling, while love to play with the ball and other dogs as well. She loves jumping around, while being calm and harmfull as well.
​Her extraordinary and balanced movement plays huge role in her great show and agility results. Her focus on any kind of activities makes her really easy to work and play with =
AUSSIE  :)  
 - JACK -
Silver Dream Aussie's Baltic
Have you ever heard about the calmest AUSSIE ever? He is our JACK, who is like the king of the lions, as he loves to be the boss of the branch. Jack has a never out of coat design, with oustanding merle drawings, which makes him behaving like a pro modell in the show rings, but also a cowboy, while herding sheeps. That's why we call him our
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