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Our very first coreo for Dog Dance with sweet Meredith 😍 

what a lovely memory specially that she was the Winter DogDancing Videoparade Winner with this and at  Winterdogshow & DogDancing she was Judge Special Awarded with this coreo only with 11months 😍

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Easter weekend so we have more time to practise and to have fun with Dog Dance, specially that is raining again. 

So we are working on a new trick with sweet Meredith “lying on my leg from sit pretty” position 😍 it will be used in our new coreo for Dog Dance for Beauty & the Beast ❤️ great for an ending part or in our case for a part where music almost stop but not, get sprised 😄

Tips how to learn it: 

  1. Choose a su...

A little time has gone when we first started heelwork in strait movement. But because

this is a more difficult thing, note it takes longer to learn, it can take more weeks even sometimes more months for it! 

Here are some tips for the next steps:

  1. For the beginning see ‘Heelwork training with Chanel’ #dogdancingchanel

  2. next steps for us is to put up distance, first You only do 2-4 steps, so after ask for 5-6...

Our baby Zara is sleeping so Dog Dance training goes on 😄 I missed it already and so I think Chanel too. She loves these extra times, spending only with her 😊

Our next moves will be HTM positions. (Heelwork To Music) 

We start with the more easier ones like Heel Close Pick & Pocket 

Here a chart what the HTM positions are, and how You can give names for the positions. I am lazy to give own names so I go most...

We are soooo excited, we will be on TV with our sweet Meredith and lovely Chanel for a report of Dog Dance! 😍 

It makes me sooo happy that the last times more and more interests are coming for dog dance 😊 

We where asked for, to promote as well how fun this sport is, what a good influence it has for relationship of dog and owner, how great and lovely time it is to spend with Your dog 😍 

We went to Hatv...

For this week we have dog dance homework with Chanel :) For better balance and stronger muscle we will use a yoga pillow. It is a great way to built up muscles and in the same time later we will use this for a target for future position trainings at the dog dance :) If You start something like that it is good to ask a pro for correct handling of it for You and Your dog!

Steps for it:

- first reward that Your dog is go...

Waited sooo much already for it, to take Chanel as well to Dog Dance school driven by Anikó Juhász 😍 Yes, January came and Chanel is 3months old, so together with Meredith we went to have fun 😍 (For Meredith's training have a look under #dogdancingmeredith)

As we have already practised to touch the target stick, in school we could start to practise to use the stick in movement 😊 


  1. Ask for a touch in st...

As we have already practised to touch the target stick, in school we could start to practise to use the stick in different movements 😊


  1. Ask for a touch in standing, just to get in training, specially in new places

  2. Ask for following the stick in strait line front of You 

  3. Ask for following the stick in strait line but put it higher and than so You can ask for walking on two legs, front of You 


Today we awesomely are waiting for the mail, why? Our new target stick is arriving 😍

Of course I have to try it out with our dancing dogs: Chanel & Meredith 😊

(For Meredith have a look in our blog #dogdancingmeredith)

The target stick what I choose has a built in clicker so I don’t have to use an extra clicker in my hands, it makes a lot easier.

Steps for it:

  1. I rubbed the end of the stick in sausage, You don’t have...

As I am in love with dog dancing together with our Aussie girl Meredith, I want to do with our Chanel this as well. With Meredith we do freestyle (for Meredith use #dogdancingmeredith) but my dream is Heelwork to Music. So I am more than happy, that the awesome movement of Chanel (Glamour Aussie’s All My Dreams Come True) maybe makes even this dream come true 😍

Steps for it:

  1. Ask your dog for walking next to Y...

We found our song with Chanel for Dog Dance :) Because she will be just 6 months when we will enter Dog Dance competition in Hatvan-Hungary, I tried to find a slow song.

When You try to choose a song for You and Your dog, have first a look on Your dog, if he is a more energetic tipe and loves to jump choose a more faster song, if Your dog is more quiet one, a slower song can fit better. Of corse it is important that Y...

For us the mental strength is important, that's why we try to give the best start of our puppies. Researches shows that Early Neurological Stimulations has even more positive effects on the puppies, like stronger heartbeats, stronger heartrates, they can move faster if it is needed, more resistance to diseases and show more tolerance of stress.

So we do on all our puppies Early Neurological Stimulation from day 3 till...

Our long awaited litter of Jack & Mika girl arrived on a beautiful sunday Oct 8, 2017 :)

For informations of puppies or reservation please contact us at glamouraussies@gmail.com

Again an awesome news of Meredith, she got at Obrenovac IDS CACIB & BOB!

Thanks for the handling by Zsuzsa Szabó :)


Becuase of bad weather and a long trip they did not stay for BIS, but I am sooooo proud of Meredith that she worked soooo well with Zsuzsi too!

With this she started Serbian Grand Champion!

Oradea 2xNDS & IDS

With this show marathon weekend Meredith finished the Romanian Champion!

Thanks to judges Molnár Zsolt (RO), Szabó Zsolt Sándor (HU) & Firic Peter (SRB)

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On TV at Balatoni Nyár 😍

July 13, 2018

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