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September 24, 2018

Wow great news again for my girls 😍 Meredith made 1st place at the 6.International Dog Dancing Competition Haslau, Austria 😍 

Super proud of her because it was a really big and strong competition, but she made our routine perfectly 😍 And she made unbelievable 167points what was the highest points of all 🤪. 

And as well Chanel got excellent critics, specially that she is still only 11months 😍

And our teacher Anikó J...

Our very first coreo for Dog Dance with sweet Meredith 😍 

what a lovely memory specially that she was the Winter DogDancing Videoparade Winner with this and at  Winterdogshow & DogDancing she was Judge Special Awarded with this coreo only with 11months 😍

Follow us on You Tube too, to be the first to get news about us 😍

Easter weekend so we have more time to practise and to have fun with Dog Dance, specially that is raining again. 

So we are working on a new trick with sweet Meredith “lying on my leg from sit pretty” position 😍 it will be used in our new coreo for Dog Dance for Beauty & the Beast ❤️ great for an ending part or in our case for a part where music almost stop but not, get sprised 😄

Tips how to learn it: 

  1. Choose a su...

March 18, 2018

Winter is back so we are again closed inside, but one advantage of dog dancing is you can learn new things of it everywhere 😊

So this week we are learning with sweet Meredith how to old something in her mouth 😊 she is sooo cute holding the yellow ring 😍

Tips how we learned it:

  1. First I choosed a material what she preferred more, this was a piece of towel, and hold front of her nose and waited fo touching it, of co...

February 28, 2018

I am soooo proud of our Dancing girls Chanel & Meredith, both are improving soooo much. Not far ago we started to work on slalom with Chanel and look how is she dooing now 


Of corse there is still more what we can do, so we will work on more confident and speed of her and on dancing movement of me 😊 for the second I am already waiting for a dance workshop who we will enter with the girls...

February 5, 2018

Our favourite trick and dog dance move with Meredith is the spanish step 😍 because she is a paw dog it was more easy for her to learn, but even so it is a more difficult trick/move. 

Tips how we learned it:

  1. First ask for Give me 5 ( for this see blog of our handsom Adi boy #dogdancingglamouraussies) 

  2. next step is to ask for Pá-pá/waving (see in blog before of Meredith #dogdancingmeredith, and soon with Adi #dogdancingg...

After our first dog dancing lesson, we had two homeworks: one to figure out which style we choose,and second to do a little bit training with our dogs!

And the winner is FREESTYLE! :) For both of us :) We love to be creative and love tricks, so we think it suits better for my friend Lidi and me also, and of course for her border collie, Luna and for my aussie girl, Meredith :)

We learned bowing, walking surround and be...

So awesome! We finally went to our first dog dancing lesson in Hatvan city, where the lovely Anikó Juhász & her dog, Izzy were waiting for us.

We (me and my aussie, Meredith) were going together with my friend, Lidi and her border collie, Luna. On the way we were so exited as we could not wait what would happen, how it would be. But before the first the quest was to find the place. :) Hatvan is not too far away from u...

We will have our first dog dancing lesson only in November, so we are learning so longly new tricks with Meredith :)

As she loves to use her paws, we are learning firstly hi5 and pápá. She is so cute when she is focusing and give her cute white paws.

First the hi5 and after the pápá, because it is related to it, she learns it so fast, it is unbelievable.

There are lots of tricks what You can teach Your dogs, but as Mere...

Story about how all it begun with dog dancing, it has begun with herding :)

How??? Read here .......

I was attending to herding training in Szarvas tanya with Jack and Meredith, to work on our skills. There were other guys on the field ahead us, so we decided to go for a little walk with my teacher's mom, Judit, her family dog, Balu and our dogs as well. When my dogs saw in distance the group of sheep, Meredith had ris...

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On TV at Balatoni Nyár 😍

July 13, 2018

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