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After our first dog dancing lesson, we had two homeworks: one to figure out which style we choose,and second to do a little bit training with our dogs!

And the winner is FREESTYLE! :) For both of us :) We love to be creative and love tricks, so we think it suits better for my friend Lidi and me also, and of course for her border collie, Luna and for my aussie girl, Meredith :)

We learned bowing, walking surround and between legs and as I mentioned previously our homework was also to put them nicely together, so that will be a dance :)

As Meredith is still so young, I tried to find a trick which I can teach her, while it is not dangerous for her (no back walks, no jumps, and no standing on two legs!)!

Please always be aware of your dog's health, it is more important than anything else!

So as I wrote before, she is a paw doggy, a dog who use for mostly all her paws, so I choose the spanish steps :)

Have a look our beginnings :) Have fun with it, I look so silly ;) But we will improve, or me at least ;) are the trick teaching explanations: (note: all dogs are different and like to learn in different ways! But be always patient and reward positive!)

Bow: when we started, she was standing in front of me; I asked her to lie down, but held my hand under her tummy, so she could only put her front down, then I used the clicker sign and rewarded her; and after she got the clue, I gave her clue word "bow". So after a while I even did not need to use my hand!

Walking arround me: This was really easy, you only needed to have in both of your hand yummy treats, and asked the dog to follow your hands surround Yourself! Of course, be patient! Firstly I asked from her only a little bit, but after a half round and after a hole round, and after maybe two :)

The difficulty for me: she wanted to stop always next to me, so Anikó (our dog dancing teacher, see in our blogpost before) had a great advice: sometimes to reward her in different places surrounding You :) So new homework :)

Walking between legs: It is a really favourite trick of my friend Lidi & her dog Luna (BIBAW), so I asked her to help me with it :) But it was not even that difficult, I only had to do again with the yummy treat to ask her to enter between my legs, and after when this worked, we started walking. Of course in front of her nose still with the treat, and we made it by step by step!

And last we started the spanish step: our way was a little bit long to learn this trick. Firstly I asked her for a hi5, but I was standing always a little bit more next to her, and walking together. This was only at the beginnings what You see here, and only this took us more than 2 weeks! So when You try to learn it with Your dog, Be patient!!!!

Can't wait our next time at Dog Dancing training! :)

If You want to see what will be next with us, visit our blog :)

And have fun to try it with Your dog too :)

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