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Chanel heelwork training

As I am in love with dog dancing together with our Aussie girl Meredith, I want to do with our Chanel this as well. With Meredith we do freestyle (for Meredith use #dogdancingmeredith) but my dream is Heelwork to Music. So I am more than happy, that the awesome movement of Chanel (Glamour Aussie’s All My Dreams Come True) maybe makes even this dream come true 😍

Steps for it:

  1. Ask your dog for walking next to You (I use treat for it, can be a toy as well)

  2. When Your dog don’t mind to be close to You, put your hand in front of him/her but a little higher (still at your body) so your dog has to jump almost for reaching the treat (in the beginning reward as well when jumping)

  3. Reward only for some good steps, when your dog lifts their paws higher

  4. Rise the number of steps

I am more then happy, that Chanel has an awesome natural walk, so to rise her paws higher while movement is more easy for us, but all dogs can learn it!

Have a look in our video how we are doing it with Chanel 💖

If You like to see how we are improving in dog dance and what we are learning in dog dance school by Anikó Juhász, or want to know how we do it, follow us here #dogdancingchanel

Or follow us on Youtube or FB page Glamour Aussies

Wish a nice training for all 😊

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