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Dog Dance fun on Hungarian TV M2!

We are soooo excited, we will be on TV with our sweet Meredith and lovely Chanel for a report of Dog Dance! 😍

It makes me sooo happy that the last times more and more interests are coming for dog dance 😊

We where asked for, to promote as well how fun this sport is, what a good influence it has for relationship of dog and owner, how great and lovely time it is to spend with Your dog 😍

We went to Hatvan where the riport was held. Together with Anikó Juhász our dog Dance teacher and Fruzsina Wilheim we showed some tricks, Dog Dance moves, little coreos to show how fun it is 😊

I am sooo proud of our dogs, because I am just on last week of my pregnancy and both worked soo nice with me 😍 Meredith made lovely what I asked from here, even it was not easy already to move, and Chanel who just have had her first lesson and in a totally unknown enviroment she stayed with me and made some easy moves what I ask from her 💖 it is not just for a 3months old puppy a difficult thing as well for older dogs too, specially when other dogs are sourround You and disturbing as well. But she managed it awesomly 😍😍😍 I am in love with her 😍😍😍

Have a look in some shots and our TV video “M2 Petőfi - Én itt vagyok”


And other best thing of this day is Chanel found a new friend the half year old bearded collie Luran 😍

Follow our girls for Dog Dance!

See how we do it, how we practice it, and have fun too!!!

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