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Paw and Give me 5 training with Adi

Our love Adi (Glamour Aussie’s Addicted to You) still has to wait for to travel to his future family, vaccination protocol is strict. But because his new family is interested in dog dancing too I stared a little paw training with him too :) he is such a smart boy 😍

Tipps for give Paw:

I put a treat in my closed hand and with my other hand I put his paw on my closed hand and immediately opened my hand to reward him with the treat

after some times asking it like step before, the dog will offer it automatically (like our first video) 

further step can be that You can ask for Give me five, Adi is a paw dog so for him this is a more easy trick, so I could ask directly for Give me 5. But if your dog is not a paw dog, put a step between just turn your hand only on half Give me 5 position (your hand is in side position) 

for more advanced, as well great for dog dance you can ask same for right and left paw like Adi is doing it in 2nd video 😊 

Follow us to see how the Glamour Aussie dogs improve in dog dancing, how fun they have, and maybe you will join as too, to spend awesome time together with your fur baby 😍


Follow us on FB page Glamour Aussies or on You Tube too 😍

Wish everybody fun with it 😍

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