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Heelwork in strait movement in new positions “Pick” & “Pocket”

Baby Zara is sleeping so together with Chanel we are going to the Coffee where we have space for training heelwork in strait movement, and add as well two new positions in movement Pick & Pocket positions :) 


There are some steps what is better to do before this steps, these are to do balance, positions training on target at least heel close pick & pocket, and heelwork in strait movement in heel and close positions with distance

when Your dog is confident with the above mentioned, it will be more easy to start heelwork in strait movement in pick & pocket positions 😊 put your dog in pick/pocket position and with the same hand signs as in position trainings what you used for pick/pocket and put your hand at the same place close to your leg and a little higher as your dog to move next to you in nice walking 😊 

when Your dog is doing it correctly click and stop and reward 😊 

After a while rise criteria with distance and later start to rise your hand 😊 and of corse train in different environments too 😊 

Follow us to see how we will improve our heelwork trainings with Chanel, get tipps how we are learning it, and have fun with it too 😍



Follow us on FB and You tube with more pics/videos too 😍

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