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“Give paw” & a broomstick 😁

Weekend so I have a little extra time for an extra easy trick/move to learn with Chanel 😊 

So this is to learn to give paw, and to give paw on a broomstick 😁 for what we need to learn to give paw on a broomstick??? If You want to know follow our blog #dogdancingchanel to see later 😍 

Tips for “give paw on a stick”:

First to “give paw” trick is needed to know, for that have a look under #dogdancingglamouraussies to see how Adi (Glamour Aussie’s Addicted to You) was learning it, or how Meredith was learning it #dogdancingmeredith 😍 

when your dog is confident “to give paw” just use a broomstick, of corse any kind of stick can be used but this is a thing in dog dance that it is not an expensive sport/fun, you can use all what is in Your every daily life 😍 first your dog has to be good with the stick, not to be affraid of it! Steps for it if Your dog is affraid of it, is like same to get used to a target, first reward when he looks at it, next when he touches is 

your dog can give paw and has no problem with a stick, than You can ask for to give paw on the stick, in the beginning hold the stick more horizontal to make for Your pup it more easy, later You can straighten it up more

Following step see later 😍😍😍 

Follow us at You tune or on our FB page Glamour Aussies for more pics and videos of us 😍 

Or here in our BLOG to see how we improve and to get tips how we are learning it 😍

Have fun with it too 😍😘

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