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Slalom and coreo

New week new trick, we are learning slalom with Chanel 😍 and working as well a little on our coreo, actually on my movement 😄 

Tips for slalom: 

Have in both your hands treats

make a big step, so tath your Dog fits through easily 

just lure with your opposite site hand your dog to the other side between your legs

if your dog is not so much following your hand, use your other hand to lure your dog to your leg there switch your hands and add same movement that I wrote before 

Our other practice was working on our coreo, actually on my movement what is important for dog dance. It is even in the name it should be a dance. 

When your dog is already fine with the moves, start to add movement of You what fits to the music and don’t disturb to much the dog. Your movements can be work as a sign as well to help your dog with the trick, just pack it nicely, that it looks like part of your dance 😊 

Sometimes a mirror can help as well a lot 😉 

Follow us to see how we improve our slalom, what our sign will be when we are not using our hands, and for much more 😍 

And of course have fun with it too, your doggy will enjoy it for sure 😘


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