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Crawl & beginning of new coreo with Meredith

We have our new music for Dog Dance with Meredith, the Beauty and the Beast 😍 

We are working on the beginning coreo, where we are learning as well something new, to crawl 😍 

Tip for crawling: 

Ask your dog down

just lure your dog one move forward and reward

if your dog wants to stand up for it, You ask ask for same but under a chair where your dog can’t stand up

when one move is ok, ask for some more, and so on 

when your dog is comfortable with lure and crawling, just put the treat in front of your dog and ask as well for crawl, but dont forget make again other part, the moving again easy, so only ask for one move,

when your dog is familiar with it again You can add again distance

after a while You can take out the treats, only reward at the end 😊

Always be positive 😍

And because it is practis for Dog Dancing we put some moves and trick together in a Dance or theme 😊 

Here is our new beginning 😍 

Follow our blog for more fun 😍



Have fun too 😘

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