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Week of improving

I am soooo proud of our Dancing girls Chanel & Meredith, both are improving soooo much. Not far ago we started to work on slalom with Chanel and look how is she dooing now 

Of corse there is still more what we can do, so we will work on more confident and speed of her and on dancing movement of me 😊 for the second I am already waiting for a dance workshop who we will enter with the girls soon 😍 can’t wait for it 😊

And not only her slalom is going better as well I started to rise my hand at heelwork a little: 

Please note this is difficult and for some dogs can be take even longer, be patient and reward positiv 😊

But not only Chanel did improve, Meredith as well 😍 we started to work on our core, we used for it heel position in side direction spin and wawe, have a look how we did it together: 

Be creative, till yet your dog can do some moves and tricks put it together nicely, and find a nice music for it, what suits it and You already has a part of Your own coreo 😍 

How You can hear ours now will be Beauty and the Beast by Lindsay Stirling ❤️

Follow us to see how we will work on our coreo, on new tricks and moves 


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