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Middle position & middle in circle training

For this week our new thing will be the middle position and middle in circle with Chanel. 

Middle position

first I just stand in A and ask to enter it, I lured her with treat in right position

I rised my hand in front of me close to my body, and she still has to keep position. Here You can have difficulty that your dog don’t wants to stay in middle position, and start to forward, for helping him go again back and use a target for it to fix better the position of your dog, like we did it for heel close pick & Pocket positions. 

Middle in circle

First your dog has to be confident with middle position to go further. For Chanel this was more easy as she was rised with Puppy Culture program so she was already used to to go thrue tunnels, so your leg does not mean difficulty as well. 

Just lure your dogs head up with a treat that she keeps position and You turn. Note first turn just a little later make half circle maybe later a hole circle 😊 but after do it step by step 😊

when your dog still wants to forward in this or back up, go one step back and ask again only for position! 

An extra tip:

How You can see in our video I asked Chanel for go arround me and than in middle position. So she can learn my leg signs for more fluent movement. And reward always in different times so after time Your dog does not stop on any spot. And other tip is that when You ask for middle always open your leg what is on other side of your dog! Like I did 😊 

Have fun with learning middle 😍 

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