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Across & Ssorca training with Chanel

This week we are learning Across & Ssorca positions & as well in movement with Chanel (Glamour Aussie’s All My Dreams Come True - Jack & Mika girl litter) 

Tips for Across & Ssorca positions:

First it is better and more easy for your dog if she already knows to spin, so she is more confident with the hind quarters 

just lure the dog head outside in front of you, so that her body will touch your legs

if your dog wants to move all the time, you can go back one step and use the target to fix the dog in position more easy

of corse you can do the two positions separate as well,  but if you want to do it like we after each other lure the dogs head inside to change the position, for us this was more easy and obvious to do, maybe it helps you too 😊 

Tips for Across & Ssorca in movement: 

First make strong base in the positions itself 

when positions is known by your dog you can start the side movement, just start walking in side direction, for us it showed more easy when I raised my hand a little higher, so she did not want to go in front of me and kept her nice movement better 

if you want to keep the nice movement but your dog does not offer it all the time, make your movement slover rise your hand slightly higher and start from the beginning like at heelwork reward first after one step after two and so on 😊

of corse here as well make first small steps and later rise level 

These where our last new movements what needed for our coreo by Chanel for Ed Sheeran Perfect, soo next steps will be putting movements together with nice transitions and working on my movement, come back to have a look how we start on working our first coreo 😍

Follow us on You Tube for more videos and here for tips how we do it 😍

Have fun too😘🐾🐶

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