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Dog Dancing training in Hatvan by Nóra Karlyik

Waited soooo much for sunday to have finally again a dog dancing training, this time by Nóra Karlyik, who is as well a honorable judge, so she can help us with our coreo in view of a judge. 

It is sooo nice to see that dog dancing is for all type of dogs, have a look what all have participated 

Cute group, don’t you think? 😍 

So this training is mostly for coreo building. First I showed what we think about to do with Chanel 😊 I am sooo happy all have toled us that we are doing really well 😍 and that my coreo is build up nice a little strong, but when I showed it together with Chanel, I got nice words that is great that I built in our first coreo in more parts some extra times where I reward her 😊 so it will be fine for her to be happy in ring 😊 of corse puppy culture program helps a lot too ❤️ 

I love my little wiggle butt 💖

After I showed first our music for Meredith. (Beauty & the Beast by Lindsey Stirling) the hole music is 4 mins but in freestyle level 1 you can have only max 2:30 what is a lot believe me, but great to have help where to crop the music 😉 so after we discussed what I will put in. Thanks for all the help what to put where and what to chaneg it is really much easier with help 😃 but for our whole coreo come back later, so long I tell only we will have a new trick too, Meredith will walk with me on two legs with her paws on me 😍 come back for next week new task to see how we will learn it ❤️ 

And what is the best in dog dancing training with other dogs? Of corse after a big walk for fun 😍

For our new task with Meredith follow our blog, for more pics view our page on FB Glamour Aussies 💖 

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