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Full coreo training with Chanel

Let’s see the full coreo all together 

We are not ready yet, but I want to see where we stand, what and where we can improve in our movements 😊 

So when You watch our video you will see not all is on place. Sometimes I am too fast or not on point. When you watch your own coreo all together don’t worrie this is normal, even if You had 1000times listen before to the music. It is not easy to listen to the music and to ask all from Your dog on the right place. When training full coreo stay calm, it is only a training, you still can work on it, and actually this is just for that to see how to work on it 😉 normally I work only smaller parts 

It looks more nice if You have longer heelwork parts, so I change the length of heel for longer, and in pocket too, I ask less around me 😊 And you can see I was too fast in middle, so there I have to be slower and actually great place for an extra reward for Chanel 😍  

Reward reward reward this is important 😊 and of corse to have fun together 😘

So we will working on above, but like before we split the full coreo in 3-4 parts for training 😊 

Furthermore I have to start working on my movement 😂 waiting for the dance lesson coming 😍 

Follow us to see how we will practice on my movement 😂 for sure it will be funny 😁

BLOG ➡️ #dogdancingchanel 

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