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Back to agility with Mika girl, focus jump training

Yeahhh weather is getting better and better, hope it stays, so we can have fun with agility again 😊

So first we go back to the basics, this means first focus training on jumps

hihi Mika girl is a poser 😁

Tips for focus training:

Throw a treat over the jump  (food or toy whatever your dog is crazy for 😂) and your dog will follow it to get it 

just show your dog the jump which one she should jump over and when she is just over the jump throw the treat 

do this from both sides 

more advansed stand not just right next to the jump or your dog just front of the jump, go more back and it should work from whole points of a half circle  behind the jump, like we do it with Mika girl 😊 

Why is important the focus training? It helps a lot specially for agility trials that your dog does not get lost, stays more focus in general as well and will jump more easily 😊

Have fun with practicing too, but remember for beginners no jump under 1year for puppies, just put the stick on ground, and for beginners is recommended the same and after rise the level slowly to the high level what is needed for your dog 😊 

BLOG ➡️ #agilitymika 

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