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New trick “lying on me with sit pretty” with Meredith

Easter weekend so we have more time to practise and to have fun with Dog Dance, specially that is raining again. 

So we are working on a new trick with sweet Meredith “lying on my leg from sit pretty” position 😍 it will be used in our new coreo for Dog Dance for Beauty & the Beast ❤️ great for an ending part or in our case for a part where music almost stop but not, get sprised 😄

Tips how to learn it: 

  1. Choose a surface wath is safe for your dog, I prefere for this a carpet so if she falls first times it is more soft for her, and as well it is not slippery, she is more stable :) 

  2. first she has to know sit next to You, and she has to be really confident with sit pretty, best way for this is to do before extra seccions with balance training - Tips for this aboves have a look in our prev blog post #dogdancingglamouraussies, can be some are up by Chanel 😍 

  3. after the basics are well based just lure your dogs head next to your leg from sit pretty position, but first stand more strait

  4. after make bigger and bigger “A” position by yourselfe so your dog has to lean out more and more

  5. after practise of corse like all other tricks can be made only by adding a clue, for me this is in Hungarian - dől 😄 

Note this is a big trust from Your dog to You! So be pationt when teaching this trick and please warm up like with spins sit pretty and balance training your dog before, not to get injured! 

Please follow our You Tube Chanel too! 

Soon we will practis with our coreo musics for Meredith & Chanel too and with music it is only possible there 😉

Have fun with Your dog! 😍 

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