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Finding “close” position with Chanel

Easter time and it is raining so we are practising inside with Chanel. To get better in the positions we start again with “close” position only to strengthen it, that later in coreos that she can find them easily. Punctuallity in HTM is important! 

Tips to get there: 

Balance training, target training are the first steps, see under #dogdancingchanel, it was quite at the beginning, note we still use balance training it is a great way to strengthen muscles and to make tricks and movements more safe 😊 

to get in position “close” training with lure by hand on target and on ground too, watch as well in a blogpost before 

I would recommend to start after in close position the movement it was more easy for us, but note it depends on your dog who is an individual 😊

when you have the basics you can start for the next steps, “to find close position”, for that I went back to the target use and started to work on close by not using hand signals, and it is great to see that Chanel started to lean more on my legs, to use for signals my legs, note this comes by time 😊 don’t get upset if this takes long time even if it is more months!  Be patient! 

5.After on target work on ground too! And try to ask to go back in the close positions from different movements like: 

- just turne dog after around you inside (this is the easiest so start with this) 

- ask from distance close too even in HTM there is no distance work it helps Your dog to be more confident to finde close and it is a more easy way to find position too 

- ask for a slalom and spin to enter the dog again in close position 

- for more advanced of You and for them who are over 1 year of corse you can do transitions from back walk too

Note in a HTM coreo use max the same transition only twice, more different ones are recommended in one coreo 😊 

Follow us on You Tube too! 

Have fun with your dog 😍

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