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“Kukucs / Middle” training with Chanel

Today it is again raining, so we are again inside practising for the dog Dancing competition. Time is close for our first DD conpetition 😍 of corse because Chanel is just 6months old we are entering only hobby open fun kategorie, but we cant wait it 😍 it is a great way to start your dog to get used to the carpet, the music the lots of smell, of corse here You are allowed to reward your dog 😊

So now we started to work again on “kukucs/middle” but not only the movement (if You want to know how I teached Chanel it, watch it in our blogspots before #dogdancingchanel) but as well my movement, that it will look like a Dance 😄 

I started first working alone, without my dog. Just to get confident with my movement! I got tips for it in Dance videos, there are planty of You Tube just watch them 😊 

So when You are confident with your movement alone, you can start practice with your dog together 😊 we started this with Chanel too, but don’t give up this is way more difficult part, at least for me, specially after giving just birth to my second girl Zara 😄 but we will practice 😊 have a look how we managed it together: 

And note it is important to training as well in your routine dress, it can stress your dog if he is not used to it like for example a skirt 

Tips to make it look a dance:

practise the parts movement separate without dog

prqctise it with dog see where your dog needs help, there try to hide a signal nicely in coreo 

practice as well in your routine dress, it can confuse your dog if a dress is for example too long 

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