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Heelwork in circle with rised hand and new transitions with Chanel

We are still working on our heelwork, our goal is to do like that with rised hands and as well with nice trott movement. But this is a long long way, can take over years to make it perfect so for that You have to be patient 😊 I started on both part already to work but separately.

So first I work on the higher hands, for that the best method for us is working in e circle on a target. The target gives way more confidence for the dog to start with it. 

Steps for it what we used: 

(note sometimes more steps are needed sometimes less, it is individually) 

Dog has to know target, be confident touching your leg, know right/close position from everywhere, knowing already the circle movement with hand sign first on target and after as well on ground (for all them see blog posts before 😊) 

So next step was for us going back on target and asked again for right/close where Chanel was more confident, so I could always rise my hands a bit. First only rise vertically only

when your hand reach a bigger high start to stretch your hand out, but here important is that the dog still should stay on the target and watching your face and not following your hand! 

When this is good in standing you can add a little movement in circle, I did this because in circle no nice trott can be done anyway but to get Chanel more confident with leg sign and not hand sign

All these can take months so be patient 😊  

Have fun with practice 😍

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