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Learning Crawl

We are back at dog Dancing training with sweet Meredith 😍 we are learning new elements for our new coreo Beauty and the Beast! 

One of our new elements is crawl surrounded me 

Tips how we are learning it:

First I ask her to do down what is the beginning position

I lured treat front of her legs but very slowly (when I did fast she wanted to stand up, so I moved treats only a little in front and slowly) after one move click & treat, later I rise criteria 

other tip can be to crawl under something than your dog can’t stand up ;) 

after I asked same arround me as well first with low distance later with bigger distance

after a while I started to ask her to do it only with words, we still need a little hand help but our goal is not to use it ;) 

Be pationt this is more difficult trick it takes way longer time, maybe your dog needs even more steps to reach this, and don’t ask under 1year from your dog, and always make extra training for strenghts :) 

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