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New tricks! Hi5, roll & pápá

We will have our first dog dancing lesson only in November, so we are learning so longly new tricks with Meredith :)

As she loves to use her paws, we are learning firstly hi5 and pápá. She is so cute when she is focusing and give her cute white paws.

First the hi5 and after the pápá, because it is related to it, she learns it so fast, it is unbelievable.

There are lots of tricks what You can teach Your dogs, but as Meredith is still soo young and for me her health is quite important, I tried to find something what it is safe for her, So we learned next time the rolling.

And of course we are improving our criss-cross as well:) She started to get the clue of it.

Have a look, how cute and smart she is :) I love her so much

We learned these tricks like that:

Hi5: Meredith always wants to paw everything so it was really easy for me, I only needed to sit in front of her when she was in sit position. She started to paw automatically my hand, than i used the clicker and gave her a yummy treat :) After I told a command too.

Pápá: after hi5 it is easy. I only put my hand away when I asked for her hi5, She made the same movement but did not reach me. And of course I gave her an other clue "pápá".

Roll: this was more difficult. I asked it from her in lying position. I hold the yummy treat in front of her nose and moved the treat over her head in a little bit behind her head, so she automatically tried to roll. First I was happy when she only lied on her side, clicked with the clicker and rewarded her, after I asked a hole roll, and finally put the clue "roll" to it.

Criss-cross improving: when she get the clue with my hands, after I changed my hands to my legs, that with dog dancing movement it should look more nicely.

Have fun to try it with Your dog :) Be always positive and patient!

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