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HTM positions Close Heel Pick Pocket with Chanel

Our baby Zara is sleeping so Dog Dance training goes on 😄 I missed it already and so I think Chanel too. She loves these extra times, spending only with her 😊

Our next moves will be HTM positions. (Heelwork To Music)

We start with the more easier ones like Heel Close Pick & Pocket

Here a chart what the HTM positions are, and how You can give names for the positions. I am lazy to give own names so I go mostly with them 😁

Tips how we do it:

  1. First get Your dog used to a target obstacle (see steps for it with balance training with #dogdancingmeredith or #dogdancingchanel)

  2. When Your dog is already used to it, ask your dog standing next to You, her shoulder next to Your legs

  3. after You can ask for more close contact, I just lure her head outside direction soo her body goes inside close to my leg, even in contact with it. After a time the dog will offer it of her own

  4. for turns as well just lure the head of the dog, always outside direction to put body in asked ditection, always have a look that the dog is standing strait paralell next to You and the head should be always facing up

  5. movement in circle start as well first in direction that the dog is following You, here you need to lure her head as well outside direction, this is the more easier direction so better to start with

They are the more easy positions what You can as well use for Free Style category too! Follow Meredith for free style as well, #dogdancingmeredith see how we will put it in our new coreo😊

Have fun with it too 😍

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