Chanel's first time in Dog Dance School

Waited sooo much already for it, to take Chanel as well to Dog Dance school driven by Anik贸 Juh谩sz 馃槏 Yes, January came and Chanel is 3months old, so together with Meredith we went to have fun 馃槏 (For Meredith's training have a look under #dogdancingmeredith)

As we have already practised to touch the target stick, in school we could start to practise to use the stick in movement 馃槉


  1. Ask for a touch in standing, just to get in training, specially in new places

  2. Ask for following the stick, just one-two steps only, direction in this part is not important just the following

  3. Ask for following the stick in strait lines, You can add as well a little distance (3-4steps)

  4. Ask for circle

We have already trained with Chanel the circle 鈥渟pin鈥, so the movement itself was easier to her 馃槉

Why the target stick?

It is great if the dog is smaller, but as well it helps a lot for dog dance positions, or distance work, and in my case as well, when You are pregnant 馃槃

Have a look at our video, how our Chanel Aussie girl and I did in Dog Dance School 馃槏

If You like follow is here #dogdancingchanel

Or at You Tube or FB page Glamour Aussies

We wish all a nice practice 馃槉

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