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Chanel's first time in Dog Dance School

Waited sooo much already for it, to take Chanel as well to Dog Dance school driven by Anikó Juhász 😍 Yes, January came and Chanel is 3months old, so together with Meredith we went to have fun 😍 (For Meredith's training have a look under #dogdancingmeredith)

As we have already practised to touch the target stick, in school we could start to practise to use the stick in movement 😊


  1. Ask for a touch in standing, just to get in training, specially in new places

  2. Ask for following the stick, just one-two steps only, direction in this part is not important just the following

  3. Ask for following the stick in strait lines, You can add as well a little distance (3-4steps)

  4. Ask for circle

We have already trained with Chanel the circle “spin”, so the movement itself was easier to her 😊

Why the target stick?

It is great if the dog is smaller, but as well it helps a lot for dog dance positions, or distance work, and in my case as well, when You are pregnant 😄

Have a look at our video, how our Chanel Aussie girl and I did in Dog Dance School 😍

If You like follow is here #dogdancingchanel

Or at You Tube or FB page Glamour Aussies

We wish all a nice practice 😊

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