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Chanel Target Stick training

Today we awesomely are waiting for the mail, why? Our new target stick is arriving 😍

Of course I have to try it out with our dancing dogs: Chanel & Meredith 😊

(For Meredith have a look in our blog #dogdancingmeredith)

The target stick what I choose has a built in clicker so I don’t have to use an extra clicker in my hands, it makes a lot easier.

Steps for it:

  1. I rubbed the end of the stick in sausage, You don’t have to pull out all stick first

  2. reward Your dog when watching on the stick

  3. reward Your dog when touching the stick, even if it is happening accidently

  4. reward Your dog only when touching the stick on purpose

With Chanel I have it easy, she was rised with Puppy Culture Program, so she is eager to have a look on all. So she almost straight touched it 😍 A help can be that You move the stick a little bit next to Your dog for reacting on it, but note after one-two times hold the stick still and let your dog think a little bit, that he gets the clue 😊

Note that first times if You have a more energetic dog, it can happen that he/she wants to touch it with his paws or want to jump on the stick, but this can be easily break! Try to hold the stick in the beginning more close to his nose so he offers the nose and not the paws. It is as well a great training for Your dog to make him/her more patient 😊

Have a look in our video how we are training it with Chanel Aussie girl 💖

If You like follow us her #dogdancingchanel for our training

Or have a look on Youtube and our FB page Glamour Aussies as well.

We wish everybody a nice training!

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