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Chanel balance training

For this week we have dog dance homework with Chanel :) For better balance and stronger muscle we will use a yoga pillow. It is a great way to built up muscles and in the same time later we will use this for a target for future position trainings at the dog dance :) If You start something like that it is good to ask a pro for correct handling of it for You and Your dog!

Steps for it:

- first reward that Your dog is going close to it

-second reward that Your dog does touch it

-third reward that Your dog put one feet on it

-fourth reward that Your dog puts the two front feet on it

Because our puppies where rised with Puppy Culture Program they already know different surfaces and so Chanel went up strait with her front feets :) But note maybe it takes longer for Your dog, even can be that You will need to add some extra steps too. Be patient and reward a lot positively, and dont ask for too much. If a step takes longer for Your dog, after a positive outcome stop and ask again for it and the next steps an other day.

Have a look in our short video how we do it :) of course as for all things and tricks, there are different ways too, this is how we start to do it :)

If You like it follow us here #dogdancingchanel

or as well on You Tube & FB Glamour Aussies :)

Wish everybody nice practice :)

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