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Beginnings of Dog Dancing

Story about how all it begun with dog dancing, it has begun with herding :)

How??? Read here .......

I was attending to herding training in Szarvas tanya with Jack and Meredith, to work on our skills. There were other guys on the field ahead us, so we decided to go for a little walk with my teacher's mom, Judit, her family dog, Balu and our dogs as well. When my dogs saw in distance the group of sheep, Meredith had risen on two feet and was watching them like a squirrel :) We nearly couldn't believe, how long she could stand in this position.

So Judit was saying:

"Do with her Dog Dancing!"

I was thinking the same, and because my friend, Lidi was trying to take me to dog dancing lessons a while ago, so I said yes :)

Of course when we went firstly to dog dancing class, Meredith already knew some tricks.

What? Have a look here :)

Our first trick is learning criss-cross with her paws in down position :) She is sooo smart :)

Because she is a really paw dog, it was quite easy to teach her :) , of course the clicker helps a lot, and the yummy treats: sausages and cuddling and nice words :)

In my teaching it is important to do all positive! :) It is way better for dogs!

If You want to read more about our story of dog dancing with Meredith and want to have a look how we improve or to get some ideas what and how to learn it, follow us, and use #dogdancingmeredith or #dogdancingglamouraussies :)

Trick criss-cross:

I use for it clicker and yummy treat.

Meredith was in down position and I hold the yummy treat in front of her nose and pulled it away left, what she had to follow, and than she automatically crossed her leg, click and treat.

After I made the same on the right side, so we started the criss-cross.

Note that, all dogs are different and learning also differently, Meredith is a paw dog, so she likes this really much :)

Be patient and try it with Your dog, it is fun, and great time spending together :)

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