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Walking on two legs front of me with target stick with Meredith

As we have already practised to touch the target stick, in school we could start to practise to use the stick in different movements 😊 Steps:

  1. Ask for a touch in standing, just to get in training, specially in new places

  2. Ask for following the stick in strait line front of You

  3. Ask for following the stick in strait line but put it higher and than so You can ask for walking on two legs, front of You

We have already trained with Meredith the walking on two hind legs before, so the movement itself was easier to her 😊 please note as well this is a difficult movement and as well phisically a hard one, so I recommend balance trainings before this training! And only add it slow to Your

new moves to be safe for your dogs health! Why the target stick? It is great if the dog is smaller, but as well it helps a lot for dog dance positions, or distance work, and in my case as well, because our new move should be later walking on two hind legs front of me as well in distance :) Have a look at our video, how our Meredith Aussie girl and I did in Dog Dance School 😍

If You like follow us here #dogdancingmeredith Or at You Tube or FB page Glamour Aussies We wish all a nice practice 😊 Tags: #dogdancingmeredith #dogdancingglamouraussies

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