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Heelwork in strait movement with distance with Chanel

A little time has gone when we first started heelwork in strait movement. But because

this is a more difficult thing, note it takes longer to learn, it can take more weeks even sometimes more months for it!

Here are some tips for the next steps:

  1. For the beginning see ‘Heelwork training with Chanel’ #dogdancingchanel

  2. next steps for us is to put up distance, first You only do 2-4 steps, so after ask for 5-6 and later even for more, like we do in the video 😊 Extra tipp make different amount of steps at the beginning, randomly steps makes the dog not bored, sometimes 2-4 sometimes 7-8 and sometimes 5-6.

  3. as well a new step is to train it in different enviroments, first maybe in garden where You do not have too many disturb but more than inside, and of corse You have more space 😉

Extra tips:

  • When we are learning something new, we ask one day only one thing and only short times, like 5-10 mins

  • And in one week period we do only 3different things, one old one to remember, one new one, and one what is in between maybe with a little more extra like distance or in different enviroment.

  • Don’t ask for too much, and don’t make always the same so the dog does not get bored 😉

  • And always finish with something positive, so dog does not get frustrated

Following steps will be less hand signs and practising in more disturbing enviroments, if You like to know how we will do it follow us 😍

Have fun with Your dog too 😘❤️

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