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First time little coreo with Chanel 😍

After You have some tricks/moves in knowledge, of corse I mean Your dog 😄, it is good to start with training of Your coreo. It is important that dog dancing is not only tricks in a lineup, it is a dance. So it is important to have nice transitions. So just get some elements what your dog already knows and put them together 😊 We started with Chanel with heelwork in movement what we combined with spins, like heel-spin-pick or close-spin-poket. 

When You already have your chosen song and length (it is regulated by the IDD of Your country, have a look in it) I start to put some trick moves what we already can to places where it fits with the music. Left overs if they are sort, I just put some transitions in it, and if it’s long I still have to learn something with Chanel. 

In our video You can see we already have two parts, one in the beginning and one at the end, where I already have some coreo 😁 

Note it is better if more difficult things are more at the end 😊 

Take some tricks what You already know and put it together and have fun to start your own coreo 😘

Follow us how we will complete our coreo, how we will improve and for to get tips of Your training 😄

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