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Learning to “HOLD” with Meredith

Winter is back so we are again closed inside, but one advantage of dog dancing is you can learn new things of it everywhere 😊

So this week we are learning with sweet Meredith how to old something in her mouth 😊 she is sooo cute holding the yellow ring 😍

Tips how we learned it:

  1. First I choosed a material what she preferred more, this was a piece of towel, and hold front of her nose and waited fo touching it, of corse when she does it click and reward 😍

  2. after I waited that she put it in her mouth but she did not want, so we got a tip to first put it in her mouth, and yeahhh this helped us 😄 so this part and actually all parts are up to your dog if you have to put some steps extra in it or you can jump some steps 😊 all dogs are individual 😊

  3. after some practice wait a little that your dog has to take it in her mouth, we are still working on this 😊

  4. after asked your dog for more time to hold it

Later you can ad some movements, of corse she still has to hold the obstacles and you can change to different materials too, like we changed from a towel to a plastic ring 😍

And extra tip, this obstacle is used only for training it is not a play, so this don’t leave with your dog when not working with it

If you want to see how we learning movement with the ring or what she will hold later in her mouth come back and follow us 😍



And follow us on our You Tube Chanel too, to be the first get noticed for new :)

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