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Ladder, wave with changing hand, sisaw & tight jumps training

Back to Agility training with my love Mika girl 💖 so we still jump on middle size because she is still not ready yet for higher. After a longer break like we had make it more safe for your dog and make one level more down.

So we practised again the ladder and the sisaw, both we learned it with 2on2off style, so we went back to the basics I put food on the end that she stops for sure, so she is for sure touching the zones. First I asked only the ladder and sisaw separate but because we already know it after we could again train with jumps before and after them too. Note if You are a  beginner only train the zones first separatly to get confident with it! 

After same with the wave, I asked her only the wave. When she was ok with it I asked her the way of hand signals the parkour is asking for. And only at the final I ask it in the parkour but stop after the wave, reward after the difficult part! Of corse to practise as well the changing hand we started with the wave and finished only before next difficult part. But only some times after we trained without the wave! 

and as the parkour is asking for it we practised again tight jumps from around. Here You have to take your dog on your hand that she is not junping from front, on this we have to work more for us this is a more difficult part. 

Note all dogs are different so it can be one part is easy for one dog for other dog it is the other part 😊 just keep practise and have fun 😄 

And thanks again to Lili Fodor for the awesome training 😍

We love Agility 😍 

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