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Bow roll and close is slow and side with Chanel

Back to Dog Dancing training with Chanel 😍 we had a little off time because of arriving the puppies of Jack & Meredith ❤️ half siblings of Chanel ❤️ 

So our next Dog Dancing competition will be end of June, and we are practicing for a new coreo because Chanel is learning new things what I want to show with her, but for that a new song coreo is needed. So our new song will be Tom Walker Leave a light on 😊 

So for that we learned something new one of that is bow 

Tips for bow:

Your dog has to be already ok with down

I asked first for down and in mean time I put my hand under her belly so she could go down only with her front 

after a time I ad a different clue bow but I say boo it is more different from down that she will know the different more easily 

Note for dog dancing it is more rewarded by judges if the dog as well lies down the head at bow. I am lucky I rewarded her at the point so she is mostly offering this automatically, but of corse I will keep my eyes on that I reward her only like that 

Next what we want to put in our HTM routine, I know it is a free element but for transitions it is good to use in future in even more difficult ways is roll 😊 now for this routine I only use roll on one side maybe later will be different but I think this will be even enough

Tips for roll:

As well down is recommended to know already because you start from down position 

I just lured her hed over her shoulder, first I rewarded her only for following my hand in direction, after when she laid down and after only when she already roll over 

And in the end we practiced the close position, I calle it right but you can call all how you like 😁 

I reached her a stronger close position and after you can ask it in sidewalk and in slow as well, but always ask for correct position and your leg to touch, later my goal is that my leg will be her target 

Have fun with it too😍 come back and follow our trainings 

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