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Spanish step with Meredith

Our favourite trick and dog dance move with Meredith is the spanish step 😍 because she is a paw dog it was more easy for her to learn, but even so it is a more difficult trick/move. 

Tips how we learned it:

First ask for Give me 5 ( for this see blog of our handsom Adi boy #dogdancingglamouraussies

next step is to ask for Pá-pá/waving (see in blog before of Meredith #dogdancingmeredith, and soon with Adi #dogdancingglamouraussies)

after ask for the same but Your dog should standing, first ask for one waving on each side later You can ask 2, one for each side

the most difficult part is to ask the 3rd & 4th steps, because Your dog has as well to use/to walk with the hind legs as well, so for this part have pations, dont puss your dog to much, this takes more time! 

Our next goal is to ask for it in distance and without no hand signs. So FOLLOW US to see how we will improve it 😍



Have fun too with the spanish step but be pationt! 😘

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